Terms & Conditions

As a part of the purchase you are asking for a trained technician to apply the whitening material to your teeth and gums and are asking for assistance in the use of our lamp in order to accelerate the teeth whitening process.

You acknowledge that you are purchasing a cosmetic teeth whitening kit that is designed to whiten the colour of your teeth.

Results vary from individual to individual dependent upon the type of staining that is being treated. TeethTooFresh does not guarantee any specific results with the In-Chair Whitening procedure, as results are unique for each individual case. Individuals who demonstrate a yellow hue to teeth generally respond more favourably to teeth whitening. Those with a brown or grey hue experience an improvement from two to seven shades. Those that begin therapy at a shade of 1 may not demonstrate any results as their teeth may already be at their optimum.

A small percentage of individuals who begin a teeth whitening treatment demonstrate transient tooth/gum sensitivity and/or lip swelling spanning a few days post treatment. If tooth/gum/lip sensitivity/swelling continues beyond 2 weeks you should consult your health care professional. Risk of tooth sensitivity can be reduced by daily application of toothpaste containing fluoride or potassium nitrate it is not recommended to undergo a treatment for longer than three hours per session (spacing sessions over two days can also minimise occurrence of tooth sensitivity).

You understand that whitening products are intended for use on natural tooth structure only. Teeth whitening material on restorative materials such as dental composites, amalgams, gold, ceramic or any other material, although not harmful to such materials; could create a shade of discrepancy between tooth restoration that may result in a desire to have the restoration attended to.

You understand that the teeth whitening process can create transient white spots on the teeth that represent areas that are affected by the whitening material faster than the entire tooth and can be evened out over time with continued use of whitening material.

You confirm that you were instructed to read this form, that you had read and completely understood the information above. You will not hold TeethTooFresh, the parent company, suppliers, salons or any representative of these companies responsible for any side effects that you may experience. You confirm that you are not allergic to any of the materials utilized in the whitening material.